Luxury Homes Singapore (LHS) is the online platform of Teakhwa Real Estate Private Limited, a boutique real estate company licensed in Singapore since 1999. We provide one-stop complete and personalised real estate services and consultation to all our purchasers and sellers in Singapore.

Founded by Sieow Teak Hwa, the company focused very much on Singapore luxury real estate and sale of land sites for new redevelopment. The company has about 18 experienced registered real estate professionals that can assist you to find a solution to your real estate needs. For the past 20 over years, we are happy to mention that the company has successfully transacted countless property transactions, assisting and serving thousands of satisfied clients and developers.

Teakhwa Real Estate strives to be our clients' preferred choice because we put you first always!

Teakhwa Real Estate Pte Ltd 

Singapore Licensed Property Agency  (Licensed No. L3008178A)

Sieow Teak Hwa  (Reg No. R001797R)

Managing Director/ KEO

Luxury Homes Singapore (LHS) 是德化房地产 (Teakhwa Real Estate) 的在线平台,德化房地产是一家于1999年在新加 坡获得许可的精品房地产公司。该公司由房地产行业资深人士 Sieow Teak Hwa 创立,非常专注于豪华房地产和土地 销售以进行新的重建。 该公司拥有约20名经验丰富的注册房地产专业人员,可以帮助您找到满足房地产需求的解 决方案。 在过去的20多年中,我们很高兴地提及该公司已经为成千上万的满意客户和开发人员提供了帮助和服务。



TRUST and integrity are the cornerstones upon which we build our company. We focus on honest communication and live up to our commitments and promises given to others. All our clients’ requirements and discussion are held and kept in confidence.

RELATIONSHIPS among our staff and salespersons together with all our clients are highly treasured and closely guarded. We strive to develop a real sense of teamwork and partnership within our company and in our relationships with all our clients.

EXCELLENCE is key to every successful company and we pride to give our best in all aspects of our real estate services to our clients. Perfection is our goal, providing excellent service and diligent execution from start to finish in every transaction.


Emmanuel Daniel ( Asian Banker ) says ...

I found Teak Hwa’s website just as most people do, simply by surfing the web.
But behind this website, I found wonderful people like Teak Hwa who provided me with a seamless service in surveying the area, identifying the right apartment, negotiating a fair deal that worked for me, and organising my move into Sentosa Cove, taking care of all the details along the way.
Very professional and with a lot of warmth that made the experience of moving into this exciting, new development a very memorable one.

Adrian Moss ( AMM Holdings ) says ...

Teak Hwa provided a very high quality of service in our recent move to Sentosa.
With his local knowledge and connections not only did he help us get a great deal but also helped in several other areas that made the whole move much less stressful.
We have absolutely no hesitation in providing a great testimonial and would act as referees for potential clients with pleasure. Moving was much easier with these guys on hand !!

Stefan ( Emotion Consulting ) says ... 

1000 thanks for your investigations and the detailed answer - very professional!
Sounds quite easy if we follow your instructions.


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