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Being one of the world’s richest and vibrant city, Singapore is an extremely attractive haven for the ultra-rich in terms of real estate investments.

Singapore's strong economic fundamentals, solid financial framework, ease of doing business, high quality education and medical facilities continue to make it the location of choice for any potential foreign investors. Helped by the cooling measures imposed by the Singapore government to control the local property market, Singapore’s properties pricing are extremely attractive when compared with similar luxury properties in any other major capital cities.

Recently, the ultra-rich foreigners are buying up luxury homes in Singapore to live! This could be due to the geopolitical tensions in Hong Kong and the uncertainty of Brexit United Kingdom that further enhance the attractiveness of posh homes in the city state.

Reported in the local news in July 2019, British billionaire James Dyson snapped up the Wallich Residence 21,108 sq feet super penthouse for a record $73.8 million and a Hilltop Good Class Bungalow along Cluny Road for $41 million. Joining the elite list of affluent individuals with residences in Singapore is Alibaba’s co-founder Jack Ma, who reportedly purchased a 30,000 sq feet site at Victoria Park Close.


在2019年7月的当地新闻中报道,英国亿万富翁詹姆斯·戴森(James Dyson)以创纪录的7380万美元收购了Wallich Residence的21,108平方英尺超级顶层公寓,并以4,100万美元的价格收购了位于Cluny Road的一处房屋。阿里巴巴的马云(Jack Ma)加入了在新加坡居住的富裕人士的精英名单,据报道,马云在维多利亚公园关闭区购 置了一块30,000平方英尺的土地。

新加坡强大的经济基础,稳固的金融框架,经商便利,优质的教育和医疗设施继续使新加坡成为任何潜在外国投 资者和购房者的首选之地。


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